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Because it is always better to seek an amicable settlement, PROGERIS will make every effort to obtain voluntary payment from your debtors, through the channels of negotiation and conviction.

Our actions consist in reminding your debtors of their obligations and obtaining from them a quick settlement or a commitment to pay within a deadline granted by your company.

Our plan of action is devised to exclusively preserve your commercial interests and keep the dispute out of court :

  • Because legal and enforcement costs are important, and sometimes totally disproportionate to the principal to be recovered ;
  • Because time, bureaucratic red tape and the length of procedures can jeopardize the recovery of debts.

we put at your disposal an arsenal of methods and tools as well as the most appropriate means of action and conviction :

  • Comminatory letter,
  • Telephone calls made by our managers and lawyers,
  • Negotiation and setting up of moratoriums and schedules of repayment,
  • Home visits undertaken thanks to a network of correspondents in France and abroad ...

These steps are undertaken by a network of national and international correspondents, selected for their performance, in permanent contact with the person in charge of your case files.

Means of action are chosen according to a frame of reference and criteria suiting your individual case, your economic situation and the sum owed by your debtors.

A partnership is sealed between us ... under the premise of trust and result.


The Debt collection
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