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Because it is always better to seek an amicable settlement, PROGERIS will make every effort to obtain voluntary payment from your debtors, through the channels of negotiation and conviction.

Our actions consist in reminding your debtors of their obligations and obtaining from them a quick settlement or a commitment to pay within a deadline granted by your company.

Tous nos dispositifs sont de nature à préserver exclusivement vos intérêts commerciaux et éviter que le litige ne soit porté devant les tribunaux compétents.


35 years of experience.

The lawyers of PROGERIS SAS analyze and act in the best of your interest, which is also ours. Their expert command of procedures, right of recourse and the ministerial officers’ scale of charges is our guarantee.

Judicial recovery is the recourse to justice in order to established by a court of law the right of the creditor. Disputes, contest, abusive resistance are the various obstacles that require a new line of action and the intervention of lawyers and the judge. PROGERIS monitors all court proceedings.


The Debt collection
And the customer risk management


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