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Simple reports for an informed decision ...

Information reports are essential to carry out critical analyzes of a business’ operations, its profitability, and creditworthiness.

Both exhaustive and easy to use, these are essential tools in the decision making process. They provide financial and structural data (balance sheets, headcount, management, affiliation links, collective procedures, etc.), which reflect the performance and the durability of French and European companies.

These reports are supplemented by default predictors and a credit limit notice, which enables you to make the best decisions when choosing your partners (customers, suppliers, etc.) or to implement effective competitive intelligence.

Reports are compiled from public and private sources. The database covers 100% of the French territory and lists more than 12 million registered companies.
Updates are carried out daily, weekly and monthly from sources, thus ensuring our customers a decision based on the most relevant and up-to-date information.

... keeping you informed in real time of any changes.

A newly published balance sheet, a change of manager or a re-evaluation of the credit limit, a monitoring tool keeps you informed 24/7 of the changes of situation detected in your portfolio, thus allowing you to build your decisions on the latest and most reliable information.

You are alerted by a clear and intuitive e-mail which allows you to simply access the relevant company report without having to enter your access codes.


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