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The debt collection
And the customer risk management

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We pride ourselves on our responsiveness without neglecting your needs, nor the quality of our service.
Progeris is a team of professionals with more than 35 years of experience in the field of debt collection in France and abroad. The expertise of Progeris answers 5 fundamentals:
  • A team of permanent and accessible lawyers who analyze your case files and act in your best interest.
  • A perfect knowledge of procedures, right of recourse and ministerial officers’ scale of charges.
  • A direct contact with your debtor, with home visits in France and the DOM-TOM if necessary, in order to safeguard your commercial interests.
  • An international network of correspondents to meet your increasingly specific needs in foreign markets.
  • A secure website for the interactive management of your files in real time, and access to economic surveys based on a powerful, upgradable and specific computer system.
La compétence
We always provide you with a single point of contact and a secure connection.

As the need to control late payments and incidents is ever more important, your business must use a system of debt management, that is together fast, secure and efficient. PROGERIS implements the most effective means.

  • Our corporate lawyers, all graduates from the French National School of Procedure or Law School, have one goal: To obtain payment of debt obligations in principal, interest and other expenses.
  • A network of lawyers in France and abroad.
  • A network of bailiffs selected for their performance, in permanent contact with PROGERIS.
  • Specialized field assistants, able to analyze the creditworthiness of your debtor and proceed with the collection of debt.
Efficacité, rien est impossible
We pride ourselves on our responsiveness without neglecting your needs, nor the quality of our service.

Progeris's, method is to understand your real concerns and swiftly bring you bespoke solutions.

  • Your margins are reduced and your customer's unpaid bills penalize you more.
    PROGERIS leads amicable actions and recovery procedures as soon as possible, at the right price.
  • In a competitive economic environment, the need to safeguard your business relationships is more important than ever.
    PROGERIS undertakes effective actions with great diplomacy and rigor.
  • you require a efficient turnover of your customer account.
    PROGERIS intervenes as soon as you have commissioned them in order to quickly obtain payment.
  • To increase your profits, you want a decrease in your provision for bad debts.
    PROGERIS pays the recovered funds to you as soon as it is possible.
  • Your goal is to limit your losses.
    PROGERIS provides the legal arsenal for efficient debt recovery.
La méthode
We always offer clear rates, without ever overcharging fees.

Progeris' commitment to you:

  • Decrease the duration of your customer credit : Invoice management, PROGEFAC
  • Intervene amicably with your debtor in order to prevent the consequences of non-payment : The notice.
  • Take charge of the case, after our lawyers have made their diagnosis, and ensure a constant and effective monitoring : law enforcement.
  • Temporarily assign a credit manager to your company to restructure your accounting and optimize your customer account : Operational Audit.
  • Control your customer credit risk by giving you access to comprehensive and quality financial and economic information : personalized information.
Les services


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